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Artist. Creator. Soulful. Visionary.

As an artist, I believe that leading with your heart is the key to success. That's why, at Zeli's Studio, I am constantly pushing the boundaries of my creativity and expanding my skill set across a variety of mediums. This approach ensures that each piece I create is unique and authentic, and truly a reflection of my passion for art. From abstract paintings to detailed sculptures, my work is designed to evoke emotion and inspire the viewer.


Artist Bio

A Vibrant  Visual Journey

Zeli Rodriguez is a highly respected artist with a passion for portrait paintings. Since arriving on the scene in 2012, her art has caught the attention of people around the world. Zeli's Studio is a reflection of her love for exploring different cultures, the beauty of nature, and her strong faith. Zeli’s travels to places like Puerto Rico, Japan and Australia have influenced her art, and it has allowed her to work with a diverse range of artists and clients. From personal pieces to commissioned portraits, Zeli’s Studio is the perfect place to find the art piece that resonates with you.

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