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Carefully handcrafted polymer clay earrings are so lightweight you forget you have them on, even the big chandellier earrings weigh only .2oz each. 


Inspired by texture and color...  Each color is hand mixed and each pair is carefully handetched and painted. They take hours to create each pair, up to 5 days of work go into making each collection.  


  • Please make sure you are not allergic to stainless steel posts, brass, resin, or polymer clay.
  • Please make sure the size and shape are something you like because I do not do exchanges or returns. 
  • In the Shipping menu you can choose delivery for $3, No MPS shipping available sorry



Fall 2021 Collection-51

Out of Stock
  • If you are in mainland Japan (Yokota) you can pick up in person when I post on facebook and instagram.  When checking out please select a State (any random State will do), the option to pick up in person will pop up. Just message me when you'd like to stop by through e-mail or Instagram any of my social media will do. Thank you! 

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